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Death is the triumph of stupidity.
13 April 2016

Death is the triumph of stupidity.

Reality is the biggest hype ever. Death is the triumph of stupidity. Love is the victory of injustice. Meaning is the act of manipulation. Happiness is the approval of violence and pain and complicity in murder.


Let us take love as an example. A handsome young man loves a beautiful girl. The handsome young man, however, does not love a middle-aged and unsuccessful woman. A handsome adult man does not love a middle-aged woman, either. Nobody likes her despite she deserves that. She was a nurse, for instance. Millions like her do not find anyone, ever. Because they are old, ugly and sexually unattractive. Love is not very fair. Poor unhappy people are fed stories that they will be able to meet their better half. In fact, they meet nothing but death. Silly poets and non-poets in every corner blabber about how splendid it is when the two love each other. But what do the rest have from that? This means they don't give a fuck about the rest of people. This is the main act of the injustice of love.


Now happiness. No matter how many people you ask, almost everyone will answer that happiness is the goal of life. However, no one holds meetings dedicated to happiness; people hold sales meetings instead. It is shameful to say that sales are the real purpose of life, so like the rising sun, happiness is used to justify such order of things. Nobody understands what happiness is, as if there is a special kind of happiness for everyone. Although, if you take the dictionary definition of happiness, it contains abandonment of desires, as if everything is already awesome as fuck. While things are not just “not awesome as fuck” but quite on the contrary. When someone is experiencing happiness, millions are crying out in pain. But the happy person doesn't give a shit about that. Refusal to help other people is a required element of happiness. That is criminal omission in itself.


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