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Modern consumption society and eternal youth
31 January 2016

Modern consumption society and eternal youth

Modern society of consumption largely benefits in people not growing up as long as possible.

Do you know how an ideal customer looks like?

That is a fashionably dressed teenager with headphones on and a new gadget in hand, a teen with big ambitions.

For the system based on human consumption a person is just a battery. Thus it is impossible to stop. People should consume, and consume, and consume .

And to do that, a person must maintain a taste for everything new which is a typical teenage trait. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Today these words have become a new youth commandment. The youth should be reckless and hungry, desperate for new products as long as possible.

The problem is that the number of good offers today is almost countless.

People change their phone once a year, their place of work every 2 years and a partner once in 3 years. It is difficult to choose just one single thing. It's hard to stay on it. It is difficult to be constant, especially if the system does not want that to happen.

It is impossible to stop. A stop is a failure in the system. Any profound experience is a change of the consumption rate. It is a threat for the entire mechanism. That is why people stick with the "positive" way of thinking. Today grief is denied as a fact of modern life and forced out of people's consciousness. The desire to "not stress others" makes human relationships and feelings shallow.

For this purpose the entire entertainment industry works. People are too superficial. That is why lots of people who consider themselves different from the others can relate so easily to banal ideas in films like "Cloud Atlas.

Now it is simply a must to be unlike everyone else. "Creativity" is a trait the lack of which makes us humans feel ashamed.

That is why there is such a surge in the popularity of Instagram. That is why it is fashionable to be an entrepreneur or a startuper today. And it is desirable to stand in front of a ready-made investment. Consequently, nowadays "to be very promising" is a strategy much more successful than to take a risk and complete something independently.

There is a statement that there are no adults in the world of today but only the children who had grown old and lost the point of their own lives. Today's society mostly consists of sexually mature people with childish minds. They just do not want to grow up. After all, modern life allows them to not get rid of their illusions until old age.


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